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Tourism and Community Signage Strategy

Project Overview

Consulation has now closed.

A high volume of feedback was received including 1,490 page views, 1,062 polls taken and 30 ideas submitted. This feedback is now being reviewed by TRC staff, and an update will be provided in the near future.

This project also generated a high level of discussion on social media. TRC's social media platforms are used toshare information and promote open and informal community discussion. While we encourage debate in these forums, we ask anyone wanting their voice to be heard by the Council to please make a submission via Shaping Our Tablelands or other formal channels.

Example smaller town signageThe Tourism and Community Signage Strategy and design guide will be used to develop future signage, including  town entry signs across the region. This is to create a strong brand for the TRC region, support a positive experience for visitors, nurture community pride, provide important information about the region, and aid wayfinding.

Initial consultation was held across the region in May and June 2019. Key themes that emerged to inform the strategy were:

  • High visibility
  • Reinforce local identity and character
  • Clear and simple content
  • Consistent approach across the region
  • Good quality signs

Designs have been developed to encapsulate the heart of the Atherton Tablelands – rolling hills and rich red soil, farming industries, indigenous history and the unique tropical rainforest environment. Within this overarching theme is the opportunity to celebrate each town’s unique identity.

Through the initial consultation we heard that people of the region are strongly tied to their heritage and really want to amplify both the history of the region as well as its natural beauty.

Each town is unique from the next, and this is important to portray in the signage design. On the flip side there is also a strong sense of community between each town, so an overarching theme and continuity is very important.

Colour palette

The colour palette chosen is intended to reflect the natural and cultural features of the region. Emerald blue reflects the rainforest and lakes; ochre represents the rich soils and indigenous culture; and cream for contrast and visability.


A key focus is to use materials that are suitable for the climate, to ensure longevity and requiring minimal maintenance. Corten steel is used throughout the signage design as it is very durable, weather tolerant, and accentuates the earthy ochre tones of the soils in the region. Stainless steel has also been used to add a secondary textual element that contrasts against the corten steel. Colour panels are used to highlight natural features of the region, and to serve as identifiers for individual towns.

Natural features

  • layered hill shapes of each panel, to reflect the rolling hilss and vast mountain ranges of the region
  • rainforest silhouette cut-out panel in stainless steel
  • unique town icon 

Indigenous history

  • artwork/pattern detail cut-out shaped panel (preferably supplied by local Indigenous artist)

Farming industry

  • simple plowed field detail represented using cut-out coloured shapes


In early December, 1062 poll responses were received and 30 ideas submitted for tourism and community signage. Community feedback on what the unique imagery should be for each of the six main towns and preferred colours were:

  • Atherton: mountain bike (24.76%), food or produce (24.76%), Atherton Oak Leaf (22.86%, sarus crane (21.90%), other (5.71%). 77.63% preferred the colour as shown in the Atherton example.
  • Herberton: poppet head (45.83%), Jacaranda (19.79%), pick and shovel (17.71%), steam train (14.58%), other (2.08%). 68.42% preferred the colour as shown in the Herberton example.
  • Malanda: tree kangaroo (75%), dairy cow (22%), milk churn (3%), other (1%). 83.95% preferred the colour as shown in the Malanda example.
  • Millaa Millaa: waterfall (90.91%), dairy cow (7.07%), milk churn (1.01%), other (1.01%). 85% preferred the colour as shown in the Millaa Millaa example.
  • Ravenshow: yellow-bellied glider (45.54%), tree with timber cutter (30.69%), bullock pulling log (11.88%), saws and axe (8.91%), other (2.97%). 66.18% preferred the colour as shown in the Ravenshoe example.
  • Yungaburra: Platypus (74.75%), Curtain Fig Tree (17.17%), heritage church (4.04%), Seven Sisters (3.03%), other (1.01%). 74.07% preferred the colour as shown in the Yungaburra example. 

Sample designs will be created and further feedback will be sought from residents to take into consideration the diverse feedback and suggestions received.

  • Commence community engagement - what does signage need to reflect?

    May 2019

  • Develop draft Strategy and design guide

    October 2019

  • Community consultation - feedback on draft signage designs

    November - December 2019

  • Strategy and design guide to be considered by Council

    January 2020

  Ideas Wall

My idea for an iconic town image is.....

My idea for an iconic town image is.....

My idea for an iconic town image is.....