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Youth & Kids Survey

Project Overview

Consultation has now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

You can read about the results and outcomes here on the QFCC website.

Are you aged between 4 and 18 years old? Do you want to have your say on what it is like growing up in Queensland today?

The Queensland Family & Child Commission (QFCC) is running a survey to help guide programs and services for young Queenslanders!

Click here to have your say.

The survey takes several forms - you can:

  • Complete a survey form
  • Create a postcard, OR
  • Create an artwork

If you would like to know more, head to the QFCC website or Facebook page.

The survey has been extended until 31July2020.

Although this survey is not being run by the Tablelands Regional Council, we encourage young people from the Tablelands to make their voices heardand the outcomes may support our youth programs, services and funding in the future.

For information about local youth initiatives check out the Tablelands Youth Strategic Plan.

The Queensland Family and Child Commission wants to hear from children and young people aged 4-18 about what it is like growing up in Queensland.

Children and young people will have an opportunity to share their perspectives on the issues that are important to them. While adults are keeping our community safe, it is important that we make sure our children and young people are heard.

Children and young people’s comments help bring issues to life. Their stories and experiences demonstrate how issues impact our youngest citizens. Their voices can inspire changes to the way decisions are made, our organisations operate, and the way communities are created and evolve.

Help us tell as many young Queenslanders as possible that their voices are important, and they can make a difference by going to and completing a survey or activity TODAY!

The future is now. Their voices are important today as they will be tomorrow.

To get involved go to or check out socials for more @keepkidssafeqld

Cheryl Vardon, Principal Commissioner & Chief Executive, Queensland Family and Child Commission: ‘We know that in times of difficulty, the voices of children and young people can often be the least heard. While adults are keeping our community safe, it is important that we make sure our children and young people are heard.’