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Waste to Resources

Project Overview

Consultation has now closed. Thanks to all who contributed!

All of the comments received will be assessed to inform future initiatives with waste management and education. With mixed views and understandings of our recycling process, TRC will aim to improve our communication about what can be recycled, and what happens next!

If you're interested in knowing more, please visit the Waste & Recyclingpage on TRC's website, or contact communityengagement

Results from the Waste to Resources survey:

Total 113 responses

Do you value recycling? – 99% Yes, 1% No

Do you recycle in your home?– 99% Yes, 1% No

Do you recycle in your workplace?- 42% Yes, 11% No, 47% Not Applicable

Would you use recycling bins in public places (eg. parks, streets, halls)? – 97% Yes, 3% No

Do you put food scraps in a compost bin or worm farm?– 61% compost, 31% worm farm, 19% neither

Do you take green waste to the transfer station? – 47% yes, 53% no

Do you buy mulch from the transfer station? – 27% Yes, 73% No

Do you re-purpose other items (eg. clothes, furniture, plastic bags)? – 92% Yes, 8% No

Do you recycle containers through the Containers for Change program? – 49% Yes, 51% No

What do you think happens to recycling in your region?

50 said ‘I don’t know’, 25 said ‘recycled’, 20 said ‘taken away’,18 said ‘landfill’

A graph is available in the document library on this page showing responses to the question "Which bin do you think the following items should be placed in?".

In 2017–18, Queenslanders increased their recycling effort for household and business wastes by 580,000 tonnes, resulting in close to 5 million tonnes of materials diverted from landfill. However we still recycle less than the amount of waste sent to landfill and are poor recycling performers compared to most other states and territories.

As our region grows, so does the amount of waste we produce. Everyone has a role to play in becoming more resourceful and less wasteful and we need to work together to create a sustainable, resilient and prosperous region where less waste is sent to landfill.

In Queensland ....

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