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Tick Tock Town Clocks

Project Overview

With the time available in most cars, on phones and watches, many councils are moving away from erecting and maintaining town clocks. We are keen to see if our community feels we need to maintain our existing town clocks. The clocks in Malanda and Atherton are currently not functioning.

Project Update 9 April 2019

The town clocks have been removed from the supporting structures and a decision has been made to not replace. Thanks very much for everyone who provided feedback.

The Atherton town clock was erected by the Atherton Anniversary Celebrations Committee and Atherton Shire Council. It is dedicated to 'Our pioneer people 1887-1962, theirs was an effort beyond compare'.

The Malanda town clock was donated by the Malanda Lioness Club in 1982 and was dedicated to the pioneering women of the district.

It will cost approximately $6,000 to replace the clock in Atherton and $5,000 to replace the clock in Malanda, with an additional $1,500 each for electrical work.

With clocks now included in most vehicles, phones as well as watches available for telling the time, many councils are moving away from maintaining town clocks.

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 Mon, 04 Feb 2019
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