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Securing our Water Future

Project Overview

Public consultation has now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The feedback received will be collated and considered as we review and finalise the Water Supply Strategy.

In April 2019 we secured a $607,000 grant from the Queensland State Government to develop a region-wide roadmap for the future of town water supplies.

Since that time we have been working to find the most efficient and effective solutions to improve the quality and reliability of our town water supplies for the long term.

The outcome of this work is the Water Supply Strategy, which outlines a $113 million plan to improve and maintain all town water supplies to within acceptable levels.

The Strategy has been supported by detailed technical assessment by GHD consultants, and will be used to seek further funding for water quality improvements.

Proudly funded by the Queensland Government’s Maturing the Infrastructure Pipeline program.


What you can do:

Read the Draft Water Supply Strategyto see how it relates to your community.

Read the Your Waterflyer for your town water supply area, including future improvements.

Save water, save money (read more below).

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions by:

Using the contact form at the right hand side of this page.

Emailing us at

We will post answers to Frequently Asked Questions on this page.

If you have any concerns about the quality of water being supplied to you at any time,please do not make a submission here - contact TRC on 1300 36 22 42 or via


Water is one of our community’s most critical natural assets, serving to support a healthy and prosperous Tablelands region. The provision of town water supplies is one of the key roles of TRC and this Water Supply Strategy provides a necessary framework for future investment.

Across the region our water supplies are variable and demonstrate a lack of planning and investment over past decades. A combination of increased demand, inconsistency in supply, aging infrastructure and increased health standards have resulted in several town water supply schemes that experience disruptions in service.

TRC provides town water services to 14 communities across the region. These water supply schemes draw from a variety of sources including river, dam and groundwater bores, before passing through treatment systems and a distribution network. This Strategy has been developed to provide a roadmap for improving 13 town water supply schemes in the Tablelands Region - excluding Herberton, for which long term water supply has been secured by recent infrastructure upgrades.

The Strategy outlines the most efficient and effective solutions to improve the quality and reliability of town water supplies. The strategy has been informed by a comprehensive assessment of potential options to improve these water supply schemes.


Save Water, Save Money

It's easy to remember that using less water will save you on your next bill, but did you know you can save twice?

Save the first time by paying for less water use. Save again by paying less for water infrastructure!

As demand for water increases our water supply infrastructure needs to be upgraded and expanded. If we can save water together, these upgrades can be delayed or sometimes even avoided - meaning that millions of dollars can be saved, or at least delayed for a few more years.

In the near future we are hoping to compile some information, advice and resources to help Tablelanders to save water at home. Until then, here are some great ideas to get started:

  • Water your garden when evaporation rates are low (early morning, evening)
  • Choose water efficient appliances and shower heads
  • Check for leaks, fix dripping taps and toilets
  • When brushing your teeth or washing the dishes don't leave your tap running
  • Use compost and mulch to help your plants retain water
  • Wait until your washing machine and dishwasher are full before using them